History RE-Summarized: The Age of Augustus

19 mar. 2021
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Many Romans had conquered the Republic, but nobody could keep it, until Augustus. In the half century after the assassination of Caesar, his adoptive son would fundamentally transform the Roman state: expanding it, reforming it, and bringing it under the control of one man. The Age of Augustus found Rome a Republic and left it an Empire.
This video is a Remastered, Definitive Edition of three previous videos from this channel - History Summarized: "Augustus Versus The Assassins", "Augustus Versus Antony", and "How Augustus Made An Empire". This video combines them all into one narrative, fully upgrading all of the visuals and audio.
If you want more Histories to be Re-Summarized, please comment and let me know!
SOURCES & Further Reading: "The Age of Augustus" by Werner Eck, "Augustus and the Creation of the Roman Empire" by Ronald Mellor, "Cleopatra: A Life" by Stacy Schiff, Virgil's "Aeneid", Polybius' "Histories", Livy's "Ab Urbe Condita", Plutarch's "Parallel Lives", "SPQR" by Mary Beard, "Rome: A History in Seven Sackings" by Matt Kneale, (and also my degree in Classical Studies).
0:00​ 1 - Octavian V. the Assassins
07:40​ 2 - Octavian V. Antony
17:36​ 3 - Augustus as Emperor
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  • Both Augustus and the Senate think freedom is something they can give or take on a whim...

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  • So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause.

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  • "Three people...two people...each controlling a third...half of the Republic will work just fine, right? Right???" This broke me 🤣

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  • 9:40 I was under the impression that people sacrifices were an usually integral part of Triumphs. Of course, they were not Romans sacrificed there. Usually.

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  • 18:48 - It’s that a mother fucking ad for meat extract?

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  • Bit harsh on Lepidus who died aged 76 of not-being-murdered. Which is pretty damned impressive for someone who got that close to the centre of power and didn't win the game by killing everyone else. Even sweet-talked them into letting his wife off after she'd been treasonous. So he must have (a) been pretty smooth, (b) actually loved his wife enough not to want to trade her in for a younger model, (c) not been so much of a power-hungry egomaniac that he was able to step back and just chill at home. So really, Lepidus the Triumvir is terribly under-rated. After all, there were 6 triumvirs and only 2 died of old age. And only one of them actually got to enjoy a normal retirement: Lepidus.

    Dave BathDave BathAcum 16 Zile
  • Rome was the closest thing to an Anime that we'll ever get.

    Jonah CJonah CAcum 16 Zile
  • Buen video y trabajo, es extraño como no mencionan por falta de datos si era también guerra de propaganda entre ellos junto mini guerra económica como 2 fábricas del mismo dueño compitiendo, lo cual es canibalismo rañiñerio corporativo y por tanto pérdidas como deuda interna de estos 3 peleando por el poder, faltaría ver falsa contabilidad y auditorías que no se mencionan si existian por esas épocas para ver si solo fue guerra directa y no otras causas e intereses, obvservaciones. También ver intereses de fábricas y comercios más productivos y por tanto impuestos que llegan al ejército, además no me extraña contactos o familiares en el ejército romano pues sería conveniente cuando tienen familiares de empresas en el ejército, Intereses, ya si hoy día usa pasará y a tes o durante su caída pues de risa, sólo recuerda evitar arguende, saludos buen dato historico.

    Al ToAl ToAcum 17 Zile
    • Se cumulaba desde abusos al pueblo y los impuestos en cada guerra civil, sus metidas de pata de la entropia, como de donde vino la madera de sus flotas navales? Que impacto al ecosistema, sistemas de intercambio de Bio materia, energía, agua, necrofagos y demás, no me extrañaría ver luego hambrunas que costaron o provocaron la siguiente guerra civil, que idiotas, puro beberly rico peor que Dawson kreed en ser mal guía de su gente junto no saber ni cuidar su parte del planeta, incluso se repite después de Roma en los países de Europa como antes de la revolución francesa, que curioso, saludos y buen trabajo red, ya pueden poner lo de poco de contabilidad y metidas de pata a quien explotaba bomba inflacionaria.

      Al ToAl ToAcum 15 Zile
    • Mientras no fuera auto gol la propaganda de dejar de producir, consumir y cobrar impuestos, era como jugar solo, intereses de que gente moría y no se pagaban sueldos, negocio turbio de negociaciones, junto negocio de guerra, pero actuar como mercenarios en ejército nacional y formal, toda una porquería que no me extraña sería gris gris a gris claro por lo viejo del dato historico, pero que cuando pasó en los últimos días del imperio romano, o ríes o lloras, de ser doble juego, economía colapso, familiares o contactos del ejército romano rapiñando y como interrumpan recursos, tiempos y mercancías, todo un paro cardíaco a los corazones romanos de lo que quedaba de este, sin mencionar costos y pérdidas permanentes, obvservaciones.

      Al ToAl ToAcum 17 Zile
  • "My child this was a learned man and a lover of his country." Octavian on Cicero.

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  • it‘s just crazy how much character red‘s drawings instantly give to these very dead people

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  • The original pantheon was destroyed. The one that exists now was built under Hadrian.

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  • 25:12 hey guys look! It’s Mary , Joseph and Jesus! Say hi!

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  • I got like 2 minutes into the video and then I was like "NO! NO SPOILERS HISTORIA CIVILIS HASN'T COVERED THIS YET!"

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  • Got damn it Augustus, why didn't you just hand the empire to your wife, you fool!

    TubezTheOneTubezTheOneAcum 29 Zile
  • Octavian was the adapted heir while Caesarion in Egypt was the true heir. no wonder Octavian had him killed

    Hasan WilsonHasan WilsonAcum 29 Zile
    • @Hasan Wilson Octavian was probably afraid that Caesarion could sieze the Empire regardless of whether he was legal heir or not, Octavian had himself done very legally dubious things to secure power and Caesar his predecessor had broken the principles and customs of the Republic when becoming sole ruler of Rome

      Sir JaojaoSir JaojaoAcum 15 Zile
    • @Boss Isaac if that was the case then he had absolutely no legitimate reason to have Caesarion killed. Marcus Anthonis and Cleopatra were both dead and their children were in the custody of his sister Octavia.

      Hasan WilsonHasan WilsonAcum 28 Zile
    • No, Gaius Julius Caesar was the legitimately named son by Roman law, heir to three-quarters of his father's estate(s).

      Boss IsaacBoss IsaacAcum 28 Zile
  • If caesar had a theme song itd be breaking the law, the song that is

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  • Ah yeah. I need more Egyptian-Greco-Roman content in my life. Also this part of history was real life reality tv but with world leaders

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  • You say that when it comes to human sacrifice "Romans did not do that!" when in fact Roman culture included the ceremonial killing of people right up to Julius Caesar himself. Before you say that killing people in a triumph was a political act without any religious significance please consider: 1) Julius Caesar was a significant religious authourity as well as a general. 2) Romans enthusiastically enjoyed watching a military/religious authourity "sacrifice" human people to celebrate victory. Does it seem credible that a Roman Catholic Cardinal who is also a general could ceremonially kill people to celebrate victories without any cultural overlap among citizens? 🌸👸🏽🌸

    Regulus gaypontifaxRegulus gaypontifaxAcum lună
  • Good video, but for who wants a more in depth look at this should watch Historia Civilis’ video

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  • @9:40 - Since when did Romans avoid human sacrifice? What do you think was done in front of the temple of Mars with prisoners of war paraded through the streets of Rome during triumphs (including Caesar's)? No, the Romans might have normally saved it for special occasions, but they were no strangers to human sacrifice.

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  • Caesar's clemency made many owe him their lives. How else to wipe a debt...?

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  • Imagine if mark antony and cleopatra united their kingdoms and made and eastern roman empire. It would have been very cool...

    Paparis PaparopoulosPaparis PaparopoulosAcum lună
  • So many people are unaware of Octavian. They talk about Alexander, Napolean, Ghengis Kahn, et al. Alexander was truly formidable. But, Octavian was ... hands-down ... The Baddest Ass this World has ever seen. And, what's most amazing about hin is that, as the 1st Roman Emperor (titled ''Augustus''), the Man did some incredible work stabilizing Rome, creating the solid foundation and infrastructure for an enduring genuine Empire. Yeah, Augustus (the ''Golden'' Boy) ruled with the proverbial ''Iron Fist.'' And he did so quite effectively. Not sure this presentation gives Octavian/Augustus the credit he's due. He was also a precursor to the Roman Stoic set (which peaked with Marcus Aurelius, the other bookend of the Pax Romana). The guy was the 1st Roman Emperor ... Self-Made. Yet, he slept on the floor. Says a lot about the kind of Man we're talking about here ... in my opinion.

    TD, Esq.TD, Esq.Acum lună
    • @Boss Isaac ï detest slavery in any form, ''Boss.'' As to your ''warmonger'' claim: The Senators (incuding the assassins) were warmongers who tried to push Octavian aside after murdering his forebear. Octavian refused to be pushed aside. He won, and then he got stuff done. The Man was impressive. That's my opinion, ''Boss.''

      TD, Esq.TD, Esq.Acum lună
    • Imperator Caesar Augustus was an imperialist warmonger and slaveholder whose personal estates were worked by people whom he had enslaved following his conquests of their homelands. Understand that while I share your fascination with Augustus and the desire to study his life, I ask that we cease with this attitude that he and his fellow conquerors/slaveholders were all great or even good people, because they weren't. Caesar Augustus was a morally repugnant piece of human garbage.

      Boss IsaacBoss IsaacAcum lună
  • Eh, I’ve read a lot of roman history. A LOT. And I’ve never seen the “Octavian sacrificed 300 romans” story EVER. In fact the last human sacrifice recorded in Rome was with respect to an impending invasion centuries earlier where a Gaul and Greek were buried alive in the Forum. Need some backup on the claim. There’s other gaps and omissions in this information. Antony and Cleopatra were buried in her mausoleum at Alexandria.

    Daniel DeeringDaniel DeeringAcum lună
  • Gaius Julius Caesar is by far my favorite person in Antiquity. Octavian is a close 2nd with Hadrian. I have a cat that was found as a kitten who was found in August, so we named him after who the month was named for. Augustus. Auggie for short and at almost 9 years old he rules the house like a Caesar.

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  • Octavian might be one of my absolute least favourite of the generally-recognised Big Historical Figures, but, dang, his journey is absolutely fascinating.

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  • Agrippa: PARABELLUM

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  • Caesar and Octavian were actually related by blood. Octavian was Caesars great nephew as his mother Atia Balba was Caesars niece.

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  • Question dose anyone else find history class soul sucking?

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  • Wait... Romans didn't sacrifice people? Didn't the triumvirates involve strangling people as a sacrifice to the gods or something?

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    • Yes, they did.

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  • Lets have a moment of silence for Cicero who died in the prescriptions

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    • F

      Sir JaojaoSir JaojaoAcum lună
  • What Blue leaves out of that is the Antony claims in his will that Julius Caesar’s son by Cleopatra, Caesarion, was Julius Caesar’s true heir, not Octavian, thereby personally insulting Octavian even more. Oops. Also, since Antony’s will was kept with the Vestal Virgins, he had to get it by force, a gross breach of tradition, not to mention probably the law as well.

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  • I would like to point out that Octavian was biologically related to Caesar. He was a grandson of Caesar's sister Julia Minor (which is why he was a grand-nephew) before he was adopted as a son by Caesar.

    MartinXVEdwardMartinXVEdwardAcum lună
  • This video has no right being as badass as it is.

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  • Another move that made Agrippa the ultimate bro was that he forwent his own triumph (the ultimate glory of any Roman general) in order to help out Octavian with Pompey’s son.

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  • 1:30 is instantly contradictory. How can Octavian be both Caesar’s great nephew and not biologically related. Octavian was the son of Atia, Caesars niece. They were distantly related which called for the post Morten adoption, but biologically they’re kin.

    Ghost of SocratesGhost of SocratesAcum lună
    • Either Blue made a simple mistake, or he was working under the assumption that Octavius being related to GIC via his _sister_ would normally result in them not developing a close relationship as Roman genealogy and laws of inheritance traced descent and worked through the father.

      Boss IsaacBoss IsaacAcum lună
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  • Just to clarify, Gaius Julius Caesar was Octavian's great-uncle, they were biologically related through Atia, Octavian's mom. Additionally, Caesar called himself the son of Venus and Octavian called himself the son of Apollo. You have to give Octavian some credit on how he quickly came to rule Rome in just seventeen years [44-27 BC].

    Derric K.Derric K.Acum lună
  • 11:24 Blue: "Was this, by any chance, legal?" Octavian: "I will make it legal."

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  • Is it historically accurate too call Julius Caesar and mark Antony simps?

    thediamondshardthediamondshardAcum lună
    • No. Iirc Simp is understand as a man worringly desperate to gain the attentions of a woman they're infatuated with despite all signs that said woman will not end up reciprocating.

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